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    When my partner and I first got together, I asked him how he felt about porn. He told me had “little to no interest ” in it. That was good because my, LAST relationship had a problem with porn. We would have sex once a week or so and I thought it was pretty great. Well, 3 months after our ceremony I found his computer stash, full of a certain type that is nothing like me at all. After that, se with me just stopped. In the last 3 years I have had sex 4 times. I went around telling myself that the rest of the relationship was wonderful, like great friends. Turns out he’s rather take care of HIS sex, HIS way, like I don’t exist. Well, after all his crap, I finally have my ducks in a row and this Saturday I am flying FREEEEE! I am leaving his selfish, porn loving ASS and never looking back! I am DONE with dealing with the drama and all of the anger and constantly feeling bad because he is a SCHMUCK!!!! So I am terrified and exhilarated at the same time. Mostly, I am just happy it will soon be over.

    • Good for you. I just left mine. It is the hardest yet most freeing feeling . U dont have to police him anymore or compete with his activities. You have self worth. It is fresh as i am going through the stages of anger, loss, sadness, and resentment, but im hoping each day it will be less and less. It took me leaving him to finally hit rock bottom and confess EVERYTHING and not to give him the time of day as he has to do the work knowing i wont be in his journey


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