• It comes to an end when we gather our strength and leave. How many years do you want to waste? I spent 5 and I am exhausted beyond belief. I am too old for this shit. I am leaving in 5 days. I will grieve. I will fully express my anger and I will GTFO!!!!!!

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    When my partner and I first got together, I asked him how he felt about porn. He told me had “little to no interest ” in it. That was good because my, LAST relationship had a problem with porn. We would have sex once a week or so and I thought it was pretty great. Well, 3 months after our ceremony I found his computer stash, full of a certain type…[Read more]

    • Good for you. I just left mine. It is the hardest yet most freeing feeling . U dont have to police him anymore or compete with his activities. You have self worth. It is fresh as i am going through the stages of anger, loss, sadness, and resentment, but im hoping each day it will be less and less. It took me leaving him to finally hit rock bottom…[Read more]

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