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    Hello everyone, I am new to this group. I very recently (4 days back) came to know that my husband is addicted to pornography in all forms. I am still in shock. We went to a psychiatrist and he said that my husband has OCD and because he can’t control his urges. He is trying to control his urges and he has told me what he wants me to do to him and he wants to have sex but I can’t get physical with my husband and it worries me that will he not get better if he won’t get sex?

    • Good afternoon, I’m new here too (joined today). I wish I could tell you everything will get better and this is only temporary, but I can’t without hesitation. I’ve been with my fiance for two years, he was addicted to porn.. And not the lovey, sensual stuff either if you know what I mean. However he did go to therapy and cut out porn completely.. He unplugged his TV because he feels he will go to that channel (been unplugged for over 5 months now), so even though he doesn’t watch porn, now it’s like real life has become his own porno flick. Every female that walks by (literally), he checks out and imagines what they would be like in bed, and what their “orgasm face” looks like. So although he quit porn, this is even worse and he’s been seeing a therapist for months now and there’s no end in sight. I wish you better luck than what I’m experiencing. Hang in there

      • They cant separate porn on a screen to women in reality. Its sad and creates so much anxiety or us partners. . I hope the best for both of you.

    • My fiancé also spends most of his time telling me his problem is the shame he has in being able to express his desire for the things he wants me to do to him, and that’s why he was constantly seeking out bisexual or man on man interactions….but to be honest I’m not sure how I feel about doing these things, they are hardcore and extreme and I feel pressured that as long as I fulfil this he won’t need to look elsewhere and he will finally able to be himself. Excuse my French but it’s pretty fucked really


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