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    Hi everyone,new here but have been reading Joanne’s website since the discovery of my husband’s addiction. I’m just feeling really down today. I feel like a bad mom. I have been traumatized over and over and feel like I’ve done such a crappy job of parenting. My sons are now 13 and 22 so it’s gotten easier with the older, but my youngest is at a hard age to begin with and seems to resent my depression. I don’t blame him, it must be so hard having a mom that’s only half there, but I have tried so so hard.
    I hope he turns out ok.
    I didn’t realize how bad the situation was and I wish I got out early. We’re basically separated (but still sharing a house).
    This shit is hard! 😥

    • Stay strong for your kids and seek a therapist for yourself so you can truly be you again and enjoy life that’s what I am trying to do. Each day is fresh and start with a deep breath and smile because you have those beautiful children. I can’t stress enough to make sure to take care of yourself


I'm not around right now but you can send me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. JoAnn


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