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    When a spouse has recognized they are an addict has anyone else noticed more arguments an issues with communication?

    • Yes. In hind site I attribute it to my process of coming out of the fog. Once they know that you know they are an addict the same tricks don’t work anymore and it causes irritablity. Imagine having a husband like mine who sucessfully lied to me daily for DECADES and then one day I didn’t believe everything he told me. Communication problems? Damn right. Just another symptom of a much deeper problem. IMO.

    • I’m with Shamrock.

      When a sexually addicted spouse has been successful with coverup for years or decades, it’s a rude awakening. It’s uncomfortable. In my experience, in their disturbed mind, it now needs to be your fault. You cause the addiction. You aren’t understanding. You are too demanding. They’re shocked you don’t trust them! They want want to be absolved of their guilt, and they really just want to get back to their addiction because it’s the thing that gives them comfort.


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