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    As some of you may know I am the creator of two long standing websites marriedtoasexaddict.com and sisterhoodofsupport.org.

    Neither of these sites were set up for public discussions and forums. The Sisterhood is a private membership forum with lots of privacy and security built in and the married site simply does not have enough bandwidth to support back and forth discussions.

    So many women have written to me who simply could not afford even the small membership fee for the Sisterhood but they needed a place to talk and vent with other women who shared their same experiences.

    So, I started this free community site with forums and groups on various topics as a place for everyone to commune and share. There is no privacy here, so if you require anonymity please don’t post personal details.

    This site is my way of helping anyone and everyone who simply need a friend and a place to share joys and sorrows.

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     Kelly Swallow 


    I’m in definite need of support. I’m trying to do the No Contact, with very poor results. I am in need of someone to contact – like a sponsor to help me get through some time with No Contact. Maybe we can help each other.

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      Hi Kelly,

      I just joined this forum and I think it would be great to be in touch. I’m going to PM you and hopefully we can chat. I’m still with my SA BF unfortunately, but I would love for us to share our stories and help each other stay strong. This is such a horrible situation for anyone to be in. I’m sorry you’re also going through it. Hugs!

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     Jodie B 

    I’m in Melbourne Au and there doesn’t seem to be anyone there professionally to help with betrayal trauma. I’m only learning about this now and up until this point it’s been painful and confusing. My partner was into chemsex and often I was involved but it wasn’t something I liked and it hurt. He goes from being bisexual to straight to bisexual in under 5 seconds and it feels like there is no real conscious thoughts or feelings in regards to this except to say what he thinks I will accept (I refuse to have chemsex or sexual activities with other people and it this stage I don’t want him touching me) I can’t even express any of this to him….it’s really for me inside my own mind right now and I have developed a weekend habit of meth use to detach from him.

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    Thank you for the opportunity to share and hopefully get some much needed advice, feedback and support on a situation that I am a bit naive about. A couple of years ago I stumbled upon the shocking revelation of my husband of 30 years’ porn habit. I know this may sound a bit naive, but I truly had no idea why he shut himself up in a room with the door locked for hours(anywhere from 3-5+) at a time. I also did not know about webcams, chat rooms, etc opportunities out there. Once again, naive to the max. He is very secretive about it and gets extremely defensive when questioned.
    Can anyone shed some light on what consumes 4-5 hours at a time? I know he uses chat rooms, looks at porn, but am not sure what else is going on. Is it expensive and finally what is he guarding/protecting? I am also wondering if he is having an affair and/or meeting up with some of his online pals. Like I said, I know this may sound unbelievabe, but I really had no idea about all of the various porn out there. Am deeply hurt and don’t know what to do. Thanks!

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    My BF of nearly 3 years told me a couple of days ago that he had joined a SAA group. He thought that since he admitted this to me, that I would just accept this and continue with our relationship. I recently found out that he was trolling Craig’s List for casual encounters, primarily for men, until they shut down their personals sites. I know that he was meeting men and was seeing 1 guy fairly regularly. He has denied that he ever betrayed me or lied to me despite these actions. I have split from him several times during our relationship and yet find myself always returning. This time I don’t want to go back and yet for some reason feel a draw to him. He wants me back. I really would love to chat with other women who have experienced this and can maybe offer guidance and support. I live in a small town where there are no counselors that are trained in sexual addiction issues so feel that online support is my lifeline.

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