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    I’m sure that question of legalizing prostitution has been around for as long as prostitution itself. There are many compelling arguments for both sides and I may bring in some statistics if there is enough interest.

    So, let me begin by saying I love stimulating conversations. I love intelligent debates.

    In contrast…

    I hate conflict. I hate arguments.

    But, let’s face it, listening to the ‘other side’ of any story is good for everyone. It expands our minds, enhances our growth and increases our understanding of the world we live in.

    So, let’s start our discussion with this:

    Should Prostitution Be Legalized?

    Having sex is something we decide to do. There are many reasons but the choice is ours. Why should women not be able to charge for something they own the right to–their own bodies? Every worker who gets a wage has decided to trade his or her skills, talents or physical abilities for money so why shouldn’t women be able to sell their sexual services?

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    Comments anyone?

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    There are many reasons a woman would sell her body. There are many sides to the question. There are many stories of what brought women or men brought them to the decision to sell their bodies for sex. There are different reasons why someone would buy sex. So many women who decide to sell their bodies have been abused in the past. So many girls/women/children are sex slaves and have no choice. So many men/women (mostly males) cannot connect to other human beings on emotional levels and buying sex can be their idea of connecting.
    I didn’t think this issue would touch me personally, but it did last year. My senior citizen husband left me for a 34 yr. old prostitute. I still don’t have any answers to this problem. My experience is the problem of my ex husband, not mine to take on. I will forge a new life and he will have to deal with his choices. I have discovered his prostitute has many emotional and mental problems. Do they contribute to her “career” choice? I suspect they are intertwined. As for my husband, the counselor said his sexual age stopped at age 14. He doesn’t connect with other human beings.
    The only answer I have is this: I dream of a world where humans are not forced to have sex, to make their own choices; to be mentally and emotionally well, to respect their bodies and minds so they can always choose sex out of free will and the appropriate reasons. But I do wish that no woman or man or child would be forced to exchange sex for money; that no children would have sexual relations introduced into their world before adulthood; that no one would choose to be in a position to have sex without an emotional connection.

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    I want to live in your world lynnechloe, what a beautiful world it would be.

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    JoAnn I think we will live in a place like I envision when we leave this earth. I don’t believe in gold paved streets of the Bible’s version but I have read accounts of people who were declared legally dead, then resuscitated and had after life experiences. I have spoken to a woman directly who had this experience. Once I had a dream and during the dream I was totally free of all fear, stress, hate, jealousy, or any other feeling that is opposite of love and respect. It was the most wonderful feeling. I’ve only had that one experience, but in the years after that dream I have never feared death. I know that feeling must be what people think Heaven is. I only wish we could all have that feeling here and now. I wish every one of us would be whole. That the human brain could be repaired like a broken arm. But would we learn any lessons if all was perfect?
    Gee, I’m willing to find out what a perfect world would be like. The heck with this painful lesson shit. After watching the Syrian men, women and children dying from poison gas attacks on 60 minutes tonight, I am ready to give up on the human race.
    So, to sum up, I have no answers to the prostitution issue. I just wish for a better world; not even a perfect world, just a better world.

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