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As has always been the case with me my passion has led me to yet another adventure.

In 2005, because of my own circumstances, I created a website for women who were in a relationship with a sex addict. That site is still up and running and you can see it here:

That site generated a lot of interest and over time women starting writing to me requesting a private place to share their experiences; a place where the general public could not see the details of their story or possibly recognize them. From those requests the Sisterhood of Support was born in early 2011. That site is still up and running. You can check it out here:

As the Sisterhood of Support grew it became obvious that sex addiction was not the only issue that complicated the complex relationships with men that we call sex addicts. Discussions in the forums and blog introduced the topics of personality disorders, narcissism, domestic abuse and PTSD. In addition my inbox became filled with e-mails from women in such dire financial straights that they genuinely could not afford even a small monthly fee to join the Sisterhood; yet they needed support, resources and the friendship of women who really understood what they were experiencing.

I also received a small amount of e-mails from men who were in a relationship with a female sex addict. They spoke of the bias of my sites (for women only) and reminded me that they also needed a place of support.

Because of those e-mails I decided that I would continue to give my time and financial resources to yet another large website to help these women and men.

So here we are, at the new Sisterhood Community. A free website for people who need support, resources, friendship and a place to share their stories.

In case you are wondering, yes, the site is open to all. Yes, it is free. Yes, both men and women are welcome. And yes, I will monitor it carefully to keep trolls and other obnoxious characters and comments out of our special place.

I realize that this community website may not succeed. It may wind up being be too much work for me. The costs may be more than I can handle. Or, there may not be as much of a need as I have imagined. But, I’m going to give it a try. That’s just what I do.

  1. Author
    JoAnn 1 year ago

    Hi Mae,

    I think this will be a good place for you to get the support you need. Be sure to join any groups that interest you and just start posting in the forums. Because this is a new venue it will take a while to build up a membership but I’ll do my best to step in and keep the conversations going.

    Thank Daisy for me, she is such a wonderful person and I appreciate her sending you here.

    Hugs ~ JoAnn

  2. cindyj 1 year ago

    I received information about your site from another registered user on Chump Lady – Daisy.

    Daisy asked me to let you and Liza know that she sent me your way.

    I’m so “green” to these sites, I didn’t even think about making up an assumed name for SOS, a nom de guerre , so to speak.

    I don’t think I can obtain too much support, wisdom and advice, while going through my never ending divorce from Stbx Narcissist/Cluster B!!

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